Prostate cancer

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF or Task Force) has reviewed the evidence on PSA-based screening for prostate cancer and published its final recommendation. The Task Force is deeply committed to a clear and transparent recommendation development process and this final recommendation was informed by comments we received on our draft recommendation from experts, stakeholders and the public. The Task Force recommends men ages 55 to 69 make an individual decision about prostate cancer screening with their clinician. The Task Force recommends against routine screening for men age 70 and older. [Ref]

Men aged 55 to 69 yearsFor men aged 55 to 69 years, the decision to undergo periodic prostate-specific antigen (PSA)–based screening for prostate cancer should be an individual one. Before deciding whether to be screened, men should have an opportunity to discuss the potential benefits and harms of screening with their clinician and to incorporate their values and preferences in the decision.GRADE C
Mend aged 70 and olderThe USPSTF recommends against PSA-based screening for prostate cancer in men age 70 years and older.GRADE D
What about men younger than 55?There is very little evidence regarding the potential benefits of starting screening before age 55 or of having a one-time “baseline” PSA test.If younger men have questions about their risk for prostate cancer, we encourage them to speak with their doctor a

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