The top must-reads regarding Covid-19 related technology

1 We still don’t know how covid-19 kills people
It seems to attack nearly every organ in the body. (New York Magazine)
  + The coronavirus death toll could be 60% higher than official statistics suggest. (Financial Times

2. Australia’s contact tracing app got over one million downloads in just hoursCOVIDSafe app icon  It’s voluntary but will need over 40% of the population to use it to be effective. (BBC)Link to the Australian Government site LINK

 + Germany has backed Google and Apple’s approach to contact tracing. (Reuters)
  + Both firms promise they will shut down their system after the pandemic. (The Verge

3. Why people are giving themselves quarantine makeovers ‍♂️
We can’t control much about the world right now, but we can control the way we look. (Wired $)
  + Are “virtual” haircuts here to stay? (The Atlantic)
  + Sales of professional lighting kits are up as people film themselves at home during lockdown. (The Guardian)
  + Instagram Live has replaced the gym. (Gizmodo

4 Israel is using AI to flag high-risk coronavirus patients
This approach, which relies on access to lots of patient data, probably won’t work as well in the US. (TR)
  + AI might help with the next pandemic (but we might not like what that means). (TR)

6. Demand for delivery robots is exploding 
But is the technology good enough yet to meet it? (WSJ $)
  + As workers spread out to halt the virus, robots could fill the gaps. (Wired $)

5. Infrared cameras could become ubiquitous 
The fact they aren’t accurate isn’t stopping companies like Amazon from adopting them. (OneZero $)

7. Facebook is launching a rival to Zoom
Messenger Rooms will let 50 people join a video call. (The Verge)
  + Mark Zuckerberg on how he sees video chat evolving for the pandemic. (The Verge)
  + “Silent Zooms” are now a thing. (The Guardian

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