Pre-hospital Management of COVID-19 Patients for Doctors: A Practical Guide Version 2.4

The main aim of this document is to provide guidance for primary care doctors to manage a COVID-19 patient prior to hospital care. This is mandatory according to the current Ministry of Health recommendations.

Due to the prevailing situation of increasing numbers of COVID-19 patients, the standard recommendation of admitting all such patients may not be feasible within hours or even days due to a number of factors: transport facilities, existing capacity at hospitals and even patients’ preference with valid reasons.

This pre-hospital management guideline of COVID-19 patients will give the primary care doctors, healthcare staff and patients themselves uniform evidence-based guidance.

Patient safety has been ensured by selecting the asymptomatic and low-risk patients for home management if needed and arrange transfer for the moderate and high-risk patients for hospital care with minimal delay.

Furthermore, this guideline would minimize hospital overcrowding and reduce the burden on hospital staff. Patients will also have the privilege of experiencing the comfort at home and the company of the family even at a distance increasing the psychological satisfaction.

This guideline will reiterate the importance of restriction of movement and importance of social isolation even in home care setting while providing pre-hospital management.

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