Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a lower medium developed country (HDI 0.770, Rank 76 ), with a population of 21.2 million and expected age at birth of 74.5 years (Ref 1).

With less than 3.2% GDP investment on health, Sri Lanka provides free healthcare to citizens in public hospitals. The health indicators of Sri Lanka rival those of more developed countries in the region such as Thailand and Malaysia (Ref_3).

BMJ editorial in 2004, focusing on healthcare in South Asian countries recommends ‘there is hope  if we can replicate Kerala and Sri Lanka. (Ref_4) Public hospitals provide 95% inpatient care, but outpatient care is equally divided among the private and public sectors (Ref_2).The success of Sri Lankan healthcare has been attributed to the ‘policy focus on primary care, especially maternal and child care through a multilayered healthcare system with adequate provision of basic services at a community level.’